Project Description


Wingtips Bespoke Footwear is opening in the Spring of 2023, in an area known as Spring Valley Village, one of Washington DC’s upscale residential neighborhoods. The neighborhood has been home to diplomats and a handful of prominent politicians over the years, and houses most of the main campus of American University.


Design an interior space in which to sell a product, that appeals to a discerning clientele, with a high level of customer service.  At the rear, design provisions for staff that incorporates the following:

  • Main retail area (Merchandise display, commerce, media, seating) – 414 Sq. Ft.
  • Staff area (two seats, table, small kitchen area) – 86 Sq. Ft.
  • Staff restroom
  • Small office (Desk, two seats, filing cabinet
  • Small systems room (HVAC, HWH)

The submitted drawings show a set of on-site freehand drawings of the plan, sections, and front elevation of a small retail boutique unit found in upscale town centers.  The front of the shop is simple, consisting of plain glazed aluminum, and marine quality plywood.  Inside, the floors are solid concrete with a screed finish, plastered brickwork walls, and a smooth plaster ceiling.  The existing mouldings had no architectural merit and welcomed replacement.  Further, the interior plasterboard on 2 x 6 timber board was also optional to remove/replace.


  • Main Retail Area
  • Staff Area


  • Entrance and reception
  • Merchandise display Area
  • Staff facilities
  • Media center
  • Services/storage
  • Managers office
  • Restroom (ADA compliant)


An elegant and modern space to display high-end men’s bespoke footwear, through the use of unique architecture and illumination.


  • Retail re-design
  • Single product
  • Relate product to the client
  • Minimal storage needed
  • Counter area
  • Specify suitable surface materials, furnishings, and illumination
  • Main Retail Area – 424 Sq. Ft.
  • Staff Area 254 Sq. Ft.


  • Create a suitable background that supports the chosen product – Specialized/Custom Bespoke Men’s Footwear
  • Individuality
  • Long-term relationships
  • Investment quality
  • Foot Health
  • Prestige


  • The structure is sound and on one level
  • Full-length fenestration offers good visibility from the street
  • Egress (one way in-one way out)
  • Adequate ceiling height
  • Outdated HVAC
  • Plumbing in good condition
  • Existing restroom facilities can accommodate ADA
  • Storm windows or energy-efficient glazing needed
  • Space feels hard and rigid
  • DPM required for any surface flooring over existing concrete
  • Board approval needed to alter the front structure
  • Specialized contractors needed for the interior construction phase


  • A luxurious visual experience
  • Fluid, organic shapes vs hard lines and sharp corners
  • Unique illumination
  • Open ceiling in the main retail area
  • Hidden storage in both areas


  • Remove all existing mouldings, one partition wall on the existing storage room, and one wall in the existing restroom.
  • Remove existing HVAC


  • Construct new partition wall to divide main retail area from staff area, via sliding jib door
  • Add two additional partition walls in the staff/manager area
  • Create a new office, HVAC room, and ADA compliant restroom
  • Open plaster ceiling to the rafters


  • Construct walls with curved gypsum wallboard panels and wire for lighting in the main retail area
  • Construct walls with standard gypsum for staff area and restroom
  • Install hard-surface flooring (Walnut hardwood) over DPM next to concrete in the main retail area
  • Install stone field tile and wall covering in staff area and restroom


Quarter-inch flexible gypsum wallboard:; FRP Interior Ceiling Louvers: Inside Out Builders Supply; Walnut Flooring: Hallmark Floors; Aura beige stone field tile/Staff area: Artistic Tile; Custom elliptical reception/transaction counter: WB Stone; Surface-mounted downlights: Delta Light; Entry door hardware: Phillip Watts Design; Demolition/Construction: AJ Kochis Company, LLC


Serge Upholstered Bench: Demurodas; Walnut and leather lounge chairs, counter chair, office seating: Sandler Seating; Bench upholstery fabric: Rubelli; Manager’s office suite: Haworth; Café Tables/Staff area: Crate & Barrel; Acrylic Drinks Tables: Burke Decor; Media monitors: Samsung; Signage: Signs by Tomorrow

Photographic Renderings © Rhonald Angelo Interiors Rendering Team