Project Description


A Bespoke Footwear boutique is opening in ___________________________, in an area known as Spring Valley Village, one of Washington DC’s upscale residential neighborhoods. The neighborhood has been home to diplomats and a handful of prominent politicians over the years and houses most of the main campus of American University.


Design an interior space in which to sell a product, that appeals to a discerning clientele, with a high level of customer service. At the rear, design provisions for staff that incorporates the following:

  • Main retail area (Merchandise display, commerce, media, seating) – 414 Sq. Ft.
  • Staff area (two seats, table, small kitchen area) – 86 Sq. Ft.
  • Staff restroom
  • Small office (Desk, two seats, filing cabinet
  • Small systems room (HVAC, HWH)

The submitted drawings show a set of on-site freehand drawings of the plan, sections, and front elevation of a small retail boutique unit found in upscale town centers. The front of the shop is simple, consisting of plain glazed aluminum, and marine-quality plywood. Inside, the floors are solid concrete with a screed finish, plastered brickwork walls, and a smooth plaster ceiling. The existing mouldings had no architectural merit and welcomed replacement. Further, the interior plasterboard on 2 x 6 timber board was also optional to remove/replace.


  • Main Retail Area
  • Staff Area


  • Entrance and reception
  • Merchandise display Area
  • Staff facilities
  • Media center
  • Services/storage
  • Managers office
  • Restroom (ADA compliant)


An elegant and modern space to display high-end men’s bespoke footwear, through the use of unique architecture and illumination.


  • Retail re-design
  • Single product
  • Relate product to the client
  • Minimal storage needed
  • Counter area
  • Specify suitable surface materials, furnishings, and illumination
  • Main Retail Area – 424 Sq. Ft.
  • Staff Area 254 Sq. Ft.


  • Create a suitable background that supports the chosen product – Specialized/Custom Bespoke Men’s Footwear
  • Individuality
  • Long-term relationships
  • Investment quality
  • Foot Health
  • Prestige


  • The structure is sound and on one level
  • Full-length fenestration offers good visibility from the street
  • Egress (one way in-one way out)
  • Adequate ceiling height
  • Outdated HVAC
  • Plumbing is in good condition
  • Existing restroom facilities can accommodate ADA
  • Storm windows or energy-efficient glazing needed
  • Space feels hard and rigid
  • DPM required for any surface flooring over existing concrete
  • Board approval needed to alter the front structure
  • Specialized contractors needed for the interior construction phase


  • A luxurious visual experience
  • Fluid, organic shapes vs hard lines and sharp corners
  • Unique illumination
  • Open ceiling in the main retail area
  • Hidden storage in both areas


  • Remove all existing mouldings, one partition wall in the existing storage room, and one wall in the existing restroom.
  • Remove existing HVAC


  • Construct a new partition wall to divide the main retail area from the staff area, via a sliding jib door
  • Add two additional partition walls in the staff/manager area
  • Create a new office, HVAC room, and ADA-compliant restroom
  • Open plaster ceiling to the rafters


  • Construct walls with curved gypsum wallboard panels and wire for lighting in the main retail area
  • Construct walls with standard gypsum for the staff area and restroom
  • Install hard-surface flooring (Walnut hardwood) over DPM next to concrete in the main retail area
  • Install stone field tile and wall covering in the staff area and restroom


Quarter-inch flexible gypsum wallboard:; FRP Interior Ceiling Louvers: Inside Out Builders Supply; Walnut Flooring: Hallmark Floors; Aura beige stone field tile/Staff area: Artistic Tile; Custom elliptical reception/transaction counter: WB Stone; Surface-mounted downlights: Delta Light; Entry door hardware: Phillip Watts Design; Demolition/Construction: AJ Kochis Company, LLC


Serge Upholstered Bench: Demurodas; Walnut and leather lounge chairs, counter chair, office seating: Sandler Seating; Bench upholstery fabric: Rubelli; Manager’s office suite: Haworth; Café Tables/Staff area: Crate & Barrel; Acrylic Drinks Tables: Burke Decor; Media monitors: Samsung; Signage: Signs by Tomorrow

Photographic Renderings © Rhonald Angelo Interiors Rendering Team