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Project Description

A retired couple, who down sized, asked for a light and airy design in this semi-detached town home. The previous owners had done little to the original house and the living area lacks strong daylight. An analysis of the small entryway, living area, and dining area translates to one large walk-through space. A full-length mirror on the north wall of the entry greatly expands the space, increases reflected light, and obscures a badly placed window that served no purpose. Another large mirror on the sofa wall expands the west to east proportions. In the dining area, the original opening to the kitchen was moved to the far right of the room, allowing better traffic flow around a centered glass-topped dining table. The wife requested skirted dining chairs. The east wall received yet another mirror, this time, backing glass shelves, which the wife wanted to display heirlooms. The original niche lacked enough depth or height for any substantial display space. Off-white walls, new recessed lighting, and re-upholstered living room furnishings in white faux bois woven fabric, create a quiet background for fine art and other supporting essentials. Area rugs were avoided to maintain visual flow, and to allow the beauty of the original (newly refinished) oak flooring to contrast against the neutral background.


Project Details:

Residential - Town House Entry/Living /Dining Room, Washington, DC
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