Project Description

Greenspring Valley in Owings Mills Maryland was the site of the 2018 BSA Associates Decorator Show House (Oakland). One of Edgar Allan Poe’s descendants owned this 1927 mansion on Garrison Forest Road. As part of the show house process, I submitted a bid for the master bedroom. At the end of the selection process, the BSA notified me that my bid was not accepted. However, the vision for the room was strong enough in my mind, that I decided to create a virtual version of the room. After revisiting the house several times to gather more data and images, I got to work.


Design interior space for sleeping and relaxing:

  • Modern-style Queen-sized bed
  • Seating for relaxation, reading, and an occasional meal
  • Desk for writing letters
  • Adequate task and ambient lighting
  • Peaceful atmosphere
  • Unique fabrics
  • Fine art display


The entire house is under renovation by a developer, so it was easy to collaborate with him.  I noted the following additions and changes:

  • Minimal construction was needed for this room as the developer installed everything new
  • Recommend a crown moulding with most of the projection against the ceiling vs the wall
  • Recommend 10″ high baseboard
  • Specify relocating recessed luminaires

The biggest challenge with this space was deciding on which wall to place the bed on. All of the walls contain windows or door openings. I typically do not place beds in front of windows. Not only is it cumbersome to operate the windows, but it also is not considered good Feng Shui. Further, the head of the bed should not be in direct line with the entry to the room. After drawing out the floorplan for circulation, I decided to close one window (from the inside only) to allow a full wall for the bed and nightstands, leaving 5 other windows to admit light, air, and views of the property.

Against neutral walls from the yellow/green side of the color wheel, I first grounded the room with a wool area rug in a bold stripe. A four-poster bed dressed with Belgian linens and a diamond-patterned cotton velvet coverlet is the focal point of the room. Modern art occupies the wall next to the entry, and a collection of antique African masks grace the rest of the walls.

A modern chaise longue offers a comfortable place to relax, read or catch a quick nap. The upholstery fabric on the chaise also lines the ceiling. Finally, a walnut wood 18th-century Continental secrétaire is the focal point looking from the bed.

Edgar Allan Poe III owned the 12.9-acre property in Greenspring Valley, according to state property records. When the great-great-great nephew of his literary namesake passed away in 2011, his wife put the property on the market, according to The Baltimore Sun. The current owner/developer plans to sell the house after completing extensive renovations, including a three-car garage, ADA elevator, and a gym.


Wool Area Rug: STARK; Four-Poster Bed, Night Stands, Chaise Longue, Hall Bench, Canvas Art: Shofer’s of Baltimore City; Bedding: Phinas Fine Linens, Baltimore City; Fabrics: Kravet; Window Treatments: Davic Drapery Workroom; Accent Table: Knightsbridge Charleston, SC; Mid-CenturyLounge Chairs: American Eye/DCDC; Custom Tree Trunk & Glass Table, Decorative Floral Planter: Local Workshops; African Masks: Private Collection

Photography Renderings © Rhonald Angelo Interiors Rendering Team